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Alumni Spotlight: Alli Hinman

Time to shine a spotlight on another alum who is making a difference in her community!

Alli Hinman is a Registered Nurse at Beaumont Hospital in Troy, Michigan. Since the third week in March, the staff on Alli’s unit have been redeployed. Their hospital needed nurses with specific training to care for patients, which her unit happened to have. Alli now works on a new unit almost daily, most of which are COVID. She has been working anywhere from a medical surgical unit to an intensive care unit. As of right now, Michigan is not allowing visitors- with the exception of very specific end of life situations. They are also strict with nursing assistants entering rooms. Most of the time, Alli is the primary caregiver for her patients. 

From working on unfamiliar units to not knowing the majority of coworkers on her new team, Alli has faced many challenges. She has also noticed the anxiety around reusing N95 masks and gowns. One of the hardest experiences she has faced is the passing of a patient without their loved ones. Instead, Alli will Facetime the patient’s family so they can say their goodbyes. When asked about her thoughts in regards to the coronavirus, Alli said, “No one wants to stay home and miss out on important life events, but it is so important so we can stop the spread of this horrific virus.”

Alli lives alone and has found it difficult not being able to see family or friends. However, she considers herself very lucky with the amount of people who have reached out to check in on her. She is still close with many of her Pi Phi Epsilon sisters who have been there for her almost every day with words of encouragement!

Thank you, Alli, for all the hard work and sacrifice! What an incredible story about overcoming challenges.