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Creative Bravery: A Place of Change

We have had the pleasure of collecting art from Capital’s creative and talented students who continue to amaze and influence this campus. I’d like to thank the staff’s enthusiasm and endurance throughout. I’d also like to thank our ReCap advisor, Dr. Kevin Griffith, for his continuous support and guidance. It has been an honor to witness and experience such an inspiring process. It is brave to create. To take risks and explore authenticity. While creating may not be easy, the outcome can be extraordinarily rewarding. To the readers and contributors, thank you and enjoy.

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A Place of Change

Ben Slezak, Trinity Lutheran Seminary Student

The only thing about my art piece which seems to be important is that it was made on one of the first events in the fall semester I was participated in at Capital. I cannot remember which fraternity or sorority was the one that had a random painting session in the fall, but as I was walking by, they invited me to join, and I had great fun with everyone there. That day was one of the most defining events when I realized how great is it to be a part of the CapFam! I tried to capture this feeling in that painting, using vivid colors to symbolize the lively essence of this community.