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Creative Bravery: Lisa Simpson is a Boring Character

We have had the pleasure of collecting art from Capital’s creative and talented students who continue to amaze and influence this campus. I’d like to thank the staff’s enthusiasm and endurance throughout. I’d also like to thank our ReCap advisor, Dr. Kevin Griffith, for his continuous support and guidance. It has been an honor to witness and experience such an inspiring process. It is brave to create. To take risks and explore authenticity. While creating may not be easy, the outcome can be extraordinarily rewarding. To the readers and contributors, thank you and enjoy.

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Lisa Simpson is a Boring Character

Clarence Blaisdell, second-year, Nursing major

“Lisa Simpson is a boring character,”

you said.

“Get out of my bed,”

was on the tip of my tongue.

“I haven’t watched the show much, though,”

You said just to stay in my bed.

I didn’t say,

“Get out of my bed.”

I said


And ignored what was

in my head,

the slap in my face.

Out of place

in my hometown

where no one listens to


Lisa Simpson does.

Lisa Simpson loves Motown

jazz, and woodwind.

She would not remain pinned

to a bed

by a force

in her head

forgetting who she is.



and a vegetarian too.

Lisa stands up for what’s right,

and so do I.

at least, I try.

But when i’m laying down

I think of my hometown

and Motown

and no sound

comes out of

my mouth.

He wasn’t worth my


when he told me

I am

a boring character.