While Thanksgiving will look different this year, we can always celebrate by reflecting on the things we are grateful for in our lives. Before they leave campus for the holiday break, the Admission Office student interns shared reasons they are thankful they chose to attend Capital University. 

collette leppert headshot

Collette Leppert
Emerging Media Major
Third Year

“I am thankful that I chose Capital because it has given me the opportunity to study design and communications together—two things I am very passionate about. Capital University has given me many opportunities to invest in my future in both a professional and personal way. Becoming a part of the #CapFam has introduced me to friendships I am confident will last even after graduation.”




austin copley headshot

Austin Copley
Public Relations major
Third Year

“I am thankful that I chose Capital because coming here has allowed me to grow in more ways than I knew were possible. Capital has allowed me to learn not only about the fields that I am pursuing, but opportunities to grow personally throughout these past three years. The main reason I chose Capital was because of the location and the ability to get involved in organizations and feel as if I am a part of a community. Being a part of the #CapFam has surpassed my expectations and given me memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.” 



kate ellison headshot

Kate Ellison
Nursing major
Fourth Year

“I’m thankful that I chose Capital because I have been able to explore many opportunities and grow while being here. From one on one time with professors to spending time abroad learning about nursing and healthcare in Latin America, I have learned so much about myself. Capital has helped me grow by developing the skills I need as a nurse and as an individual. I have learned skills such as taking a patient’s blood pressure, designing a plan of care for a patient, and communicating to work as a healthcare team. I am also thankful for the CapFam that Capital has given me along the way!”


lexi kruse headshot

Lexi Kruse
Marketing major
Fourth Year

“I’m thankful I chose Capital because I love the person I have become while being here. When I came to Capital, I wasn’t sure what career I wanted to pursue and I was incredibly shy. Through the support of the admission office and my business professors, especially Lynn Dailey, Claire Adams, and Keirsten Moore, I was truly able to find my passion and break out of my shell. Now, I know that I am where I was meant to be, and the CapFam helped me get there.”