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Emeritus, Emeriti, Emerita…

Emeritus (singular), Emeriti (plural), Emerita (feminine) … adjectives used to recognize individuals retired from their professional lives who are permitted to retain, as an honorary title, the rank of their last office held, most commonly at a university – professor emeritus. Capital has retired faculty and staff who were employed at the University for at least 10 years, who hold this honorary title of emeritus. The Institution also has faculty and staff who were former employees of the University who are not emeriti. 

In July 2019, a group of emeriti, faculty and staff retirees, and friends of Capital collaborated to form Cap Connections Continued (CCC), a group of retired personnel and friends of the University. The mission of the CCC is to facilitate opportunities for Capital University retirees and friends to remain connected with each other and with the mission, values, and people of the University. Since its formation, the group has been active in helping to plan the MLK Day of Learning, financially supporting the Cap Cupboard food pantry for food-insecure students, serving on the Crane Opportunity Grant, and the Professors’ Hall of Honor Committees, and serving in an advisory capacity to the provost.

The goal of CCC is to help its members maintain the numerous relationships they made over the years and continue Capital’s mission. The good news is that as active members of the University community, CCC members can remain valuable participants of the CapFam long after their retirements.