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At Work in the World

This week’s column is by the Rev. Mary Ann Siefke,
Director of Congregational Engagement and Advancement.

“My heart shall sing of the day you bring. Let the fires of your justice burn. Wipe away all tears, for the dawn draws near, and the world is about to turn.” – Canticle of the Turning ELW 723

Last week, a dear friend and colleague, who serves a congregation in the south, posted the following on social media; “Don’t mind me, I’m just over here quieting slipping ‘Canticle of the Turning’ into my church’s caroling songbooks…”

And that’s exactly how it happens: one person of bold faith leading the way, changing the world, ushering in the Kin-dom of God one small step at a time.

The fourth Sunday of Advent brings anticipation, excitement, and joy. The fourth Sunday of Advent also brings alternate authority, equity, and justice. The fourth Sunday of Advent brings the hope of change.

I began my call as Director of Congregational Engagement and Advancement for Trinity Lutheran Seminary at Capital University just three short weeks ago on November 29, 2021. With this new call came a great deal of change. Why didn’t anyone tell me Wawa has not yet made its way to Central Ohio? But I digress…

In the past three weeks, my heart has sung more times that I can count. I am blessed to call former professors with priceless historical institutional knowledge “colleagues.” I am blessed to call a new professor with an amazing podcast “colleague.” I am blessed to work side-by-side with bold women of vision and faith who are quite literally turning the world upside down! I am blessed to witness creative and compassionate students grow in faith and learning. Trinity forms leaders for Christ’s Church at work in the world, and bold persons of faith are leading the way! All of this is to bring about the world of which Mary sang, the Kin-dom of God,

Trinity was, is, and will continue be a place where God turns the world upside down, one person at a time. During this blessed Advent Season, as we prepare for the coming of Christ, please remember you play a vital role in Trinity’s steadfast mission. We rely on donor support from alumni and friends like you. Your gift of any size to the Trinity Fund helps ensure bold leaders of faith for the future of the church. Thank you for being a part of our work.

The Rev. Mary Ann Siefke ’09 ’16
Director of Congregational Engagement and Advancement

Trinity Lutheran Seminary forms leaders for Christ’s church at work in the world.